Using wearable technology to monitor livestock

Technology is revolutionizing the process of getting food from sustainable farms through responsible purchasing and distribution networks, all the way to our plate. Using a device to monitor livestock like cattle, taking the form of a wearable collar, can help monitor livestock.
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The collar monitors the cow’s head position in three dimensions to pick up subtle changes in movement, as well as proprietary predictive analytics software to decipher behavior and patterns. Messages can then be delivered to the farmer. The conditions transmitted especially highlight parameters such as when a cow is on heat or potentially becoming sick. The ability to be fed vital data for decision-making is invaluable, and saves the farmer dozens of man-hours per week that would otherwise be spent on monitoring. Fast knowledge of potential illness allows the farmer to quickly get the animal out of the herd and to a vet – saving yet more expense and possible disease transmission.

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Silent Herdsman is a device to monitor livestock cattle, taking the form of a wearable collar placed on as many cows as the farmer desires, and is used to monitor conditions when not directly with the cow.

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