Ambler Road threatens Alaskan wildlife and native habitat

Federal agencies are advancing the Ambler Road which would provide private industrial access to international mining companies, which intend to mine the area for more than 100 years. The road, which cuts through Gates of the Arctic National Preserve, poses numerous lasting threats to the people, water, and wildlife of Northwest Alaska.
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Notably, it would cut through one of Earth’s longest wildlife migration paths by the 250,000-strong Western Arctic Caribou Herd, cross nearly 3,000 rivers and streams, dam tundra wetlands, and interrupt traditional Alaska Native ways of life. By allowing Ambler Road to move forward, the Trump Administration is sending a clear signal that they care more about the success of the mining industry than the health of the Alaska Native communities, remarkable Arctic wildlife, and our national parks and preserves. The people who make their homes in this region, who depend on the caribou and fish for their food and way of life, will suffer the consequences for the next century, which is how long the private companies plan to mine in the region. 

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