National Parks threatend by Oil and Gas development

National parks have become increasingly threatened by oil and gas development as a result of this administration’s acceleration of drilling within park landscapes and its aggressive rollback of environmental safeguards. If this administration continues prioritizing its reckless oil and gas agenda over conservation, wildlife and local economies, America’s public lands will be irreparably harmed.
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We are already seeing the damage as the natural and cultural landscapes are being scarred and trampled. These are not problems that can simply be fixed after the fact; they must be addressed now. Solution ideas include:

  • Improve the lease-planning process to ensure that national park landscapes are unharmed by oil and gas development and that the National Park Service has a prominent, official role in all leasing decisions that affect parks

  • Pass federal legislation that protects specific park-adjacent landscapes

  • Curtail fossil fuel extraction to mitigate effects of climate change

  •  Defend and enhance keystone conservation protections

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