Threats to Yellowstone's wildlife

The Greater Yellowstone and Northern Rockies regions, blessed with Yellowstone, Grand Teton and Glacier National Parks, are renowned for their expansive wildlands and iconic wildlife. That includes grizzly bears, gray wolves, and large herds of bison and elk. The Greater Yellowstone region is home to some of the longest, newly-discovered antelope and deer migrations in North America.
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These regions are treasured by millions of Americans and visitors from around the world for their natural richness. However, wildlife in the region still faces grave threats from poor management. From proposals to allow trophy hunting of grizzly bears, to poor federal and state wildlife management that permits the spread of fatal disease, to dirty fuels extraction that threatens migration, the preservation of these animals is in jeopardy. This directly harms local economies that thrive on the travel of wildlife enthusiasts to the region.

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