Benefits of Teaching the fundamentals of computer science to kids

It can be easy to think your child is too young to begin learning computer science, however, because their future will undoubtedly live in an even more computer driven world, it is crucial to their success that we being teaching them young and early. The skills learned in computer science will aid them in the other classrooms and beyond.
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Learning computer sciences at a young age will ensure a place in the future for our children. The skills learned in computer science can obviously help with match and science, but are also helpful in building their reading and writing skills. Computer sciences also encourage problem solving and critical thinking, as well as creative, analytical and logical thinking.

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The Foos has been downloaded by millions of children in 174 countries and has won many awards, including a Parents’ Choice Gold Medal and a KAPI Award for Best App for Young Kids.

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The Foos is a global learning platform that teaches the fundamentals of computer science to children aged 5–11. The interface is 100% word free so anyone can play, including pre-readers and non-English speakers. Children learn core computer science concepts including problem recognition, conditionals, critical thinking, perseverance, sequencing and algorithms. They then put them to work by creating their own video games. The gender-neutral design, ‘pick up and play’ game mechanics and powerful characters appeal to a broad range of learning styles and abilities.

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