Connecting young people with digital skills to potential employers

The low digital capability of thousands of charities and nonprofits is a huge limitation on their growth and productivity. Connecting these businesses with young people ready with new digital skills can help make jobs and increase the reach of the good work nonprofits are doing.
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The issue of the digital skills gap is talked about in countries around the world. Even the world’s most technologically advanced countries, the US included, are struggling with it. There are two main factors in the digital skills gap that affect different sectors and economies in different proportions. The first and possibly most pressing factor is the lack of digital skills amongst existing workforces. The second factor is the lack of properly trained graduates to fill digital posts in growing technological industries. Meanwhile, it's estimated that two thirds of young people can design a basic website, but lack the training and experience in the workplace to be able to use these skills to get a job.

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