Improving adults' confidence and competence with math

Four in every ten adults in places like England, Canada, Spain and the US can't make straightforward calculations – even when they have a calculator in hand. Improving basic math skills that are applicable to daily life could improve life in general, as well as work productivity and economic choices.
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Challenging adults to maintain their math knowledge could improve productivity, the economy and quality of life. Many adults are ill equipped to make key financial decisions, even ones involving simple math. In the long term, this reveals the critical need for financial literacy to be taught in schools and beyond to ensure everyone is equipped for the complex financial decisions they will face in the real world.

Ideas Description

The National Numeracy Challenge is a UK-wide initiative aimed at developing the numeracy skills of adults. The challenge is presented as an online resource which breaks down numeracy skills into bite-sized sets and allows users to slowly build up their understandings of basic maths and numeracy.

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