Providing distance learning effectively

In the post COVID world, we see that learning and working remotely is more important than ever. Educators, students and workers need access to all recent developments in learning and working remotely.
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Technology has revolutionized how we teach and learn globally. Distance learning has never been so important. When thousands of educators were asked to teach remotely, there was a major lag in transferring learning on line. The tools and resources to successfully teach and learn online exist, and are getting better everyday. We need to get those tools in the hands of educators and students as soon as possible.

Ideas Description

The Open University is a distance learning and research university founded in the UK in 1969. It was started by social innovators who saw the advent of television as an opportunity to connect education with people who, through social class or geography, would otherwise never set foot in a traditional learning institution. It is now the largest academic institution in the UK, with more than 240,000 students, 7,000 tutors, and 1.8 million graduates. It has fully embraced the new opportunities represented by the web, to become a pioneer of online learning

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