simplifying the choices of education for young people and parents

Students are pressured to choose their careers and futures earlier and earlier. When it comes time to choose where to go to college and what to study, students and their families are easily overwhelmed.
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Millions of students are faced with the choice of whether or not to pursue secondary education, and if they do, the choices multiply. What to study? Where to study? How much will it cost? Will where I go and what I study determine my future income? Having a platform that condenses all of a student's choices concerning their future could help making these life-altering decisions easier.

Ideas Description

Skills Route is a portal to help young people and their parents better understand the range of education options that are available for them after finishing their GCSEs. It shows where your preferred subjects can be taken, what your projected outcomes are and what this means for future pathways into higher education and careers, including projected salaries in later life.

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