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Green Gas Movement - Take Action Against Climate Change at the Pump

Green Gas is a new button appearing on gas pumps across the US. Pressing it donates $1 to tree planting to remove the emissions of 10 gallons of gasoline from the air, so you can take action on climate change.


  • Simply link the card to your bank account, just like Venmo. Get your card in the mail, and you’re ready to go.
  • Turn your problems into solutions by choosing Green Gas at the pump, an easy way to live more sustainably.
  • Green Gas is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization mission driven to maximize social & environmental impact.
  • All projects supported by Green Gas donations are rigorously audited and third-party certified to remove carbon emissions.

Main Features

  • Remove your car’s emissions at the gas pump
  • Gas stations partnered with Green Gas to offer carbon neutral gasoline.
  • Drive positive change at every gas station in the United States.

Primary Audience

  • Users with vehicles
  • Fossil Fuel Industry
  • Environmental Agencies