Nextracker - Transform Your Solar Plant Performance

Nextracker's intelligent solar tracker solutions for utility-scale and distributed generation projects make building PV plants simpler and transform performance with advanced data monitoring and data analysis software and services.


  • Field-proven and bankable, our advanced software has been validated by independent engineers and embraced by financial developers.
  • Horizon produces significantly more bifacial energy than typical 1P trackers.This performance superiority has been empirically validated.
  • We turn data into more gigawatt hours (GWh) and lower O&M costs.

Main Features

  • Our technology optimizes energy yield and plant performance, simplifies operational efficiency, and maximizes investor returns.
  • Nextracker’s smart solar tracker solutions for PV projects of all sizes transform plant performance with advanced data monitoring/analysis.

Primary Audience

  • Solar Power Industry
  • Utilities Management Industry
  • Government Agencies