Aceleron - Battery Technology that Empowers

Inspired by naturally occurring cycles within the Earth system, we believe in creating batteries that ensure 100% of the material value is not wasted. Promoting reuse and remanufacture over waste.


  • Our battery packs are built to be easily taken apart, meaning if your needs change overtime you can make adjustments to upgrade the cells.
  • Design for waste reduction and recyclable: Our advanced clean technology will help positively impact our environment, economy and society.
  • Our unique battery technology makes it easier for you to cut your carbon footprint.

Main Features

  • Accelerating access to equitable, sustainable energy storage
  • Our batteries are fully serviceable, upgradeable and recyclable – the first of their kind.

Primary Audience

  • Renewable Energy Industry
  • Companies looking to reduce energy waste
  • Developing communities choosing energy solutions