Conamix - Solving the Toughest Problem in Batteries

Conamix is on track to make lithium sulfur work on a global scale by using a ‘stack’ of multi-functional materials that will address the barriers that blocked past efforts.


  • Bi-functional cathode additives simultaneously store Li and conduct electrons, replacing expensive and space wasting carbons.
  • New design means improved power capability, energy density, and life.
  • Drop in slurry coatable cathode active from low cost materials - Completely cobalt and nickel free cathode.
  • Over 25% cost reduction at the cell level in $/kWh.

Main Features

  • Turning sulfur cathodes from the out of reach holy-grail of lithium ion cathodes into a global product with the energy, power and cycle life
  • Conamix Sulfur Stack™ includes Meta particles with gradient structures that balance the transport of ions and electrons.
  • Introducing a new ‘binding’ molecule that spatially constrains the electrochemical reaction storing the energy and thereby extends life.
  • Utilizing a novel cathode design that enables a new level of safety and energy density.

Primary Audience

  • Alternative Energy Industry
  • Environmental Agencies