Kevala - Making Energy Data Meaningful, Transparent & Accessible

The future of energy is data. Having remote access to that data wherever and whenever is now a business requirement. Kevala’s mission is to identify areas of opportunity and high cost by providing details through applications and professional services on evolving grid infrastructure, load, market prices, behavior, and environmental data.


  • Make Investment Decisions With Greater Certainty: Quantify avoidance of distribution upgrade costs from solar, storage, & electric vehicles.
  • Save weeks of time, site control fees, and land consultant expenses by screening sites from your desktop.
  • Reduce development costs by up to 30% with better-qualified projects and less overhead.
  • Evaluate parcel-specific opportunities for optimizing demand charges and enhancing grid services.

Main Features

  • The Network Assessor platform enables investment decision making and distributed energy resource planning for utilities, regulators, etc.
  • Search, filter, and find ideal project locations for grid-connected solar and storage with Grid Assessor.
  • Enter your project location and generate a custom site report with crucial details for solar project development and interconnection.
  • EV Assessor:Optimize electric vehicle charging infrastructure, inform rate design, and evaluate impact.

Primary Audience

  • Energy and Utilities Industry
  • Organizations Utilizing Grid Data
  • Government Agencies