Uplight - Powering the Clean Energy Transformation

Uplight brings together energy providers and their customers to connect the complex network of dots on the path toward clean-energy ecosystems.


  • Empower customers to reliably shift load with personalized tips, smart device offers and active device orchestration.
  • Facilitate higher electric vehicle (EV) adoption and enrollment in utility programs by educating customers and provide personalized guidance
  • Achieve DSM acquisition targets with targeted marketing, frictionless enrollment with Marketplace, and the highest per household load shift.
  • Increase energy savings and revenue with a unified system that leverages every utility customer experience across all channels.

Main Features

  • Uplight helps utilities embrace, manage and direct the influx of DERs by driving targeted load shift and new rate adoption.
  • Enable an intelligent, two-way grid and become a trusted provider of DERs, while balancing grid and DER challenges.
  • Uplight delivers cost-effective energy savings, peak load reduction and load shift for both residential and business customers.
  • Uplight helps utilities to streamline the transactional experience—offering more products and services to diversify earnings.

Primary Audience

  • Utilities Industry
  • Alternative Energy Industry
  • Consumers