Smappee - Smart Energy Technology - Actionable Energy Insights

The next revolution in smart energy technology. Smappee is an all-in-one energy management system for commercial, industrial and residential use. It gathers data on solar production and energy, gas and water consumption. Consult real-time and historical data in the Smappee App or Dashboard. Control appliances and loads to save energy and money.


  • Optimize self-consumption & self-sufficiency
  • Circuit breaker protection & smart EV charging
  • Interoperable with IoT products
  • Verify the impact of energy-saving measures
  • Improve energy efficiency

Main Features

  • Improve energy efficiency and save energy and costs.
  • An API for integration with HEMS/BMS systems
  • A user-friendly app for consumers
  • Fast, accurate energy data
  • A professional dashboard for in-depth analyses

Primary Audience

  • Users with the needs to facilitate auto-consumption
  • Users with rising energy costs