Duro - Making Environmental Data Collection Easier & More Economical

Today, environmental data that will save and improve lives isn’t collected due to the cost and usability of available tools. To address this global challenge, Duro’s mission is to revolutionize how environmental data is collected.


  • Transmit data remotely up to nine miles away without a data plan using LoRa communication technology.
  • Conveniently track where data is collected with GPS included in all outdoor units Cost-Effective Includes more useful features as standard
  • Collect robust data sets in dynamic and large scale environments using a multisystem star network.
  • Greater control of sensor read intervals provides for maximum power conservation in the field
  • Save time and effort with the ability to collect up to 15 parameters

Main Features

  • Discrete Sampling - A Onetime reading, ideal for determining whether further monitoring is required.
  • Standard Water Monitoring - A short-term or long-term reading, ideal for the widest range of applications.
  • Hyperlocal Water Monitoring - The most robust reading available, ideal for dynamic and large-scale environments.

Primary Audience

  • Environmental Monitoring, Assessment & Research Industry
  • Hydroponics & Aquaponics Industry
  • Water & Waste Treatment Plants
  • Environmental Agencies