Water Reuse Suite - Do More with your Water Analysis

French Creek has been helping water treatment professionals troubleshoot, diagnose, and treat industrial aqueous systems for 25 years.


  • Enable water treatment personnel to model reuse for cooling tower blowdown, RO concentrate and most other streams.
  • Evaluate for 20+ scale forming species, Pb & Cu solubility, and appropriate treatments.
  • Simulate single streams, injection wells and mixtures of up to one-dozen brines, using French Creek's intuitive interface.
  • Enable water treatment specialists to thoroughly model mineral scale potential over a narrow or broad operating range.

Main Features

  • Blowdown Reuse & Mixed Make-Up Water Sources - a thorough tool for water treaters evaluating cooling water systems for scale potential.
  • Reverse Osmosis- With new standards of higher recovery and mixed feed water sources, thoroughly modeling RO chemistry is now critical.
  • Compatibility Modeling of Multiple Streams For Reuse - Determine compatible streams by mixing using WatSIM™ or Downhole SAT™.

Primary Audience

  • Water Treatment Industry
  • Utilities Industry
  • Environmental Agencies
  • Government Agencies