mWater Surveyor

mWater is a free data management platform used in over 160 countries. mWater makes it simple to move surveys and forms from paper to mobile phones and tablets. mWater is dedicated to creating technologies for water and sanitation. Over 40,000 free mWater users in 158 countries map and monitor water and sanitation sites, conduct mobile surveys, and collaborate with local governments.


  • mWater mobile apps are simple to use and work on and offline, designed specifically for regions with spotty internet service.
  • Digital monitoring and evaluation makes your data actionable and sharable. It breaks silos created by firewalls and hard drive files.

Main Features

  • Physical sites like water points, sanitation facilities, hospitals, households, and schools
  • Non-geographic targets like sensors, grants, and projects
  • Surveyor can deploy custom surveys designed in the mWater and Solstice data Portal.
  • Organizations can request custom, white label versions of Surveyor.

Primary Audience

  • General population
  • Sanitation officials
  • Local districts and Nonprofit Organizations