Groundwater Evaluation Tool -Tackling Water Issues at the Source

Olsson's Groundwater Evaluation Toolbox (GET) is the next generation of groundwater management software. GET provides water managers the best technology available at their fingertips to empower them to make the best possible decisions about the future.


  • Get answers to your groundwater management questions quickly.
  • Automated setup and data entry eliminates errors that can cause problems in traditional modeling.
  • Maintain an accurate and complete record of input data and results.
  • Safely and securely store your model, runs, and results.
  • Unlimited model runs allows you to make the best possible decisions.

Main Features

  • CLOUD-BASED- GET is built in the cloud to eliminate dependency on hardware and operating systems.
  • USE YOUR OWN MODEL- GET uses your own model that you know and understand.
  • CUSTOMIZED TO YOU- Your GET account is set up specifically to answer the questions you choose.

Primary Audience

  • Businesses and individuals wanting to better their water sources
  • Government Agencies
  • Agriculture Industry
  • Environmental Agencies