Cleanhub - Protect the Oceans, Grow Your Business

We empower local communities to set up collection businesses at scale. We do that by incentivizing the collection and safe disposal of non-recyclable plastics. Our digital platform allows collection groups to hand over their collected plastic to a network of certified plastic treatment and recovery partners.


  • Our collection efforts are targeted at regions with the greatest risk of mismanaged plastic waste entering our oceans.
  • Your contribution empowers these developing communities to address plastic waste sustainably.
  • 11 million tonnes of plastic enter our oceans every year. Your help can reverse this trend.
  • Cleanhub helps you demonstrate your commitment to sustainability. Be the preferred brand for responsible consumers.

Main Features

  • Cleanhub is the only plastic collection solution that provides real-time tracking to verify your impact.
  • Our certified partners visually record the quantity and location of all collection activities as proof of work.
  • Cleanhub uses the best available methods for safely disposing of non-recyclable plastic.

Primary Audience

  • Environmental Agencies
  • Any Organization Looking to Reduce their Plastic Use