DigitalSpring - Delivering everything Farmers Need to Increase Profits

By DSPii
We are prescription glasses for farmers helping them evaluate their costs targeting the optimization of profits.


  • Disruptive service Increases farm profits 10-40%. Increase global food supply by 1B bushels/yr.
  • Grow more food and steward our oceans, river and aquifers.

Main Features

  • Digital Spring is developing a wide range of sensors, systems, and algorithms designed to improve crop yield while reducing production costs
  • Our Farm Practices web app is FREE. Optimize profits 5-10% by adjusting how you farm.
  • Land Optimization - $0.50/ac/yr. Optimize profits by caring for your land. Includes tile / irrigation optimization & runoff optimization.
  • Whole Farm P&L - $1.5/$3.0/ac/yr. Plan the growing season in advance! Simulate profits.

Primary Audience

  • Agriculture Industry
  • Farmers
  • Government Agencies
  • Environmental Agencies