Klir - Making Water Compliance Easier and Better

By Klir
From drinking to wastewater and everything in between. Klir manages all regulations in one software solution giving you 100% confidence you are compliant, instead of assuming you are.


  • End the status quo of compliance as an after thought. CRP integrates compliance into core business so you can save money and time.
  • Gives every utility access to enterprise grade software without the millions of dollars price tag
  • Klir™ uses AES 256-bit keys to encrypt your data so you have best in class military grade security on the cloud

Main Features

  • Klir allows information to be easily shared across the whole utility meaning if anyone is out for any reason, 0 tasks are missed.
  • Klir™ comes preloaded with all the regulations that affect your utility with easy tools to finesse the platform with local rules.
  • Single source of software for all the tasks, workflows and data needed to do your day to day compliance jobs.

Primary Audience

  • Water/Utilities Management Companies
  • Water Districts
  • Government Agencies
  • Environmental Agencies