Water Footprint Tool- Footprint Calculator for Conscientious Water Use

The Water Footprint Assessment Tool is a free online web application that provides clear insight into how water is appropriated for human uses and the impacts resulting from those uses.


  • Helping you track and manage any excess water consumption/ use.
  • The water footprint can help all producers learn about their water dependence and plot a course for addressing water-related business risks.
  • Every product has a water footprint and our solution can help determine if the product's footprint is sustainable.
  • Water footprint also tells us how much water is being consumed or polluted in a river basin, a region or a country.

Main Features

  • Water Footprint Assessment is used to assess whether water use is environmentally sustainable, resource-efficient, and equitably allocated.
  • Answer questions like: How do we know if a country, a product a business or a river basin has a sustainable water footprint?

Primary Audience

  • Government Agencies
  • Environmental Agencies
  • Production and Supply Chain Managers
  • Individuals and Communities looking to track water use