WaterSuite - Integrated Water Data Management

WaterSuite provides water professionals the tools needed for risk management through a dynamic system of record that integrates data from utilities and publicly available sources. This interactive cloud-based platform helps utilities prepare, detect, and respond to emergencies through a geographic visualization of key information.


  • Visualize, identify, and prioritize vulnerabilities quickly within your watershed using integrated data and risk scoring tools.
  • Access real-time water quality monitoring data to detect abnormal behavior and track patterns in water quality and sensor performance.
  • Save time and manage risks in the event of an emergency with access to response plans, contacts, and a comprehensive contaminants database.

Main Features

  • Source Water Protection: Develop an effective protection program with actionable insights that assess, prioritize and investigate risks.
  • Water Quality Monitoring: Streamline and view your data in one seamless, sensor agnostic platform to gain comprehensive insight.
  • A Powerful Contaminants Database at your Fingertips: Effectively prepare for and respond to contamination incidents.

Primary Audience

  • Water Utilities Industry
  • Government Agencies
  • Environmental Agencies