Water Risk Filter - Creating Water Stewards Globally

Water risk exposure continues to grow as more users harness more water and as weather patterns grow more erratic. Despite these rising risk levels, we continue to witness weak and misaligned responses to water risk. That is why WWF is working to ensure companies' response matches risk, not only for their own operations and suppliers, but their basin peers as well.


  • Mitigate your water risks using the tools customized set of response actions
  • WRF helps users develop a better understanding of the different types of water risks and how to address them through a stewardship approach.
  • Users can explore over 120 country profiles containing detailed information on national water governance, policies and water resources.

Main Features

  • The Water Risk Filter 5.0 is a leading, online tool that empowers users to explore, assess, and respond to water risks.
  • Improving financial institution awareness of water challenges and opportunities through tools, initiatives and events world wide.

Primary Audience

  • Government Agencies
  • Environmental Agencies
  • Water and Sanitation Companies
  • Organizations, companies, investors & individuals assessing water risk