Energsoft - Battery Innovation Software as a Service

Energsoft is a dynamic start-up company working to solve some of the world’s biggest environmental challenges. Our software as a service that improves battery value and profitability. The platform enables charging strategy optimizations, prognostics, and operations. Energsoft increases lifetime and warranty strategies.


  • Energsoft automates analysis and provides engineers with access to the results they need to meet deadlines and performance targets.
  • It saves time with accurate and scalable predictive analytics.
  • Enables both off-site data analytics and viewing or adjusting battery operation remotely
  • Automated data processing saves human scientists significant time by reducing the low-level data conversion overhead.
  • Supports different access levels for all users and customization of resource allocations for projects, roles, and teams.

Main Features

  • The Energsoft software analyzes, reports, and predicts batteries and identifies insights by AI and Cloud.
  • Our platform integrates data streams generated in several locations for real-time display.
  • Energsoft provides KPI generation for SOH, SOC and battery degradation.

Primary Audience

  • Government Agencies
  • Alternative Energy Industry
  • Any Organization Looking to Control Energy Use