Utilis - Satellite-based Infrastructure Intelligence

Utilis provides data driven solutions for utilities, government agencies, and the greater infrastructure industry. Using synthetic aperture radar (SAR) data from satellites and turning it into large scale data decision support tools for our customers is what we do. Why look at a single data point when you can get an entire system survey at once?


  • Utilis projects have resulted in saving more than 5000 million gallons of potable water and 13,000 MWH of energy per year.
  • No equipment required, no upfront investment.
  • Significant reduction in field labor effort.
  • Leaks can be targeted before surfacing, reducing potential damage.
  • Unaffected by weather and time of day.

Main Features

  • Taken from satellite-mounted sensors, the Utilis algorithm detects soil moisture from different sources by looking for specific signatures.
  • After Imaging, the user is presented with a data layer to incorporate into their decision support system.
  • Besides detecting drinking water, the technology is able to locate all types of soil moisture underground.
  • Whether it's preventing deadly landslides, avoiding large wastewater spills, or the ability to detect water underground, SAR is being used.

Primary Audience

  • Utilities Industry
  • Government Agencies
  • Environmental Agencies