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Envirobility - Uncover Environmental Risks Before You Buy a Property

Take control of your property search from the start by pre-screening the area with Envirobility, or learn about environmental hazards that exist in the communities you live or work in. We created an easy-to-use mapping tool that brings together various environmental reporting datasets so you can uncover environmental risks from your desktop.


  • - Uncover potentially hidden environmental risks that can impact your prospective real estate investments, assets, and community
  • - Make more informative and cost-effective decisions that are based on the environmental conditions
  • - Protect local assets and improve resiliency while fostering sustainable economic development
  • - Draws on an abundance of critical environmental data from thousands of databases
  • - Empowers cities, businesses and individuals to make more informed decisions on property decisions

Main Features

  • - Real-time property searches that report on potential and high-impact environmental sites, contamination, incidents and spill sites
  • - Assess properties with ease and efficiency utilizing a cloud-based platform
  • - Dashboard provides intuitive user experience with immediate access to data
  • - Reports give context to environmental risk data, including adjacent properties

Primary Audience

  • Real Estate Developers
  • Cities and Governments
  • Environmental Nonprofits
  • Investors and Property Owners