Aquabyte - Aquaculture Meets Machine Learning

Count sea lice and accurately measure biomass in real-time while reducing cage furniture. Our experts‑in‑the‑loop ensure that every single prediction is correct.


  • By improving fish farm efficiency, we help close the world’s impending protein deficit.
  • Installation is easy - we simply install a camera in your net pen, and provide you with tools to monitor real-time metrics.
  • Increase yields and improve profits.

Main Features

  • Lice Counting - Industry leading sea lice recognition and counting enables preemptive decision making.
  • Biomass Estimation - Biomass estimation and distribution at any point in time allows accurate projections.
  • Appetite Detection - Accurate appetite detection improves rates of feed conversion while reducing waste.
  • Feed Optimization - Recommended feed amounts are calculated based on fish size and activity.

Primary Audience

  • Aquaculture Industry
  • Environmental Agencies
  • Government Agencies