Pelagic - Illuminating Human Activities Affecting Ocean Health

Plagic Data Systems sets the global standard for small vessel tracking by bringing custom-made hardware, advanced data analytics, and systems expertise to fisheries world-wide.


  • To meet local compliances, we can customize the metrics and alerts for each individual zone of interest.
  • Specific activity can be optimized and highlighted in areas where fishermen maximize their catch per unit of effort.

Main Features

  • PDS provides comprehensive monitoring & analysis of vessel usage, compliance & behaviors of marine reserves & other restricted use areas.
  • We help identify and measure the key elements required for robust fisheries management and smart business decisions.
  • Providing the first ever visual insights into the economics of each fishing location.
  • We provide full “ocean-to-consumer” traceability solutions that are completely interoperable with your existing supply chain tools.
  • We provide the needed insights on how the product was treated at sea and verify the integrity of the cold-chain.

Primary Audience

  • Aquaculture Industry
  • Fisherman
  • Restaurant Industry
  • Government Agencies