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Project Vesta

We want to help reverse climate change by turning a trillion tons of CO2 into rock. We will do this using the power of natural wave energy at green sand beaches. We know that reducing carbon dioxide emissions alone will not be enough to solve the climate crisis: we need to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Fortunately, nature already has a way, billions of years old, to do just that.


  • If deployed on just 2% of global shelf seas, this approach could capture 100% of annual human emissions.
  • Olivine beaches can scale so that individual countries with coastlines can offset their total CO2 output.
  • At current prices, olivine is already among the cheapest solution per ton of CO2 removed from the atmosphere

Main Features

  • Project Vesta's process captures 20 times more carbon dioxide than the extraction and transportation of the olivine.

Primary Audience

  • Coastal cities and countries
  • Climate Control Committees
  • Environmental Agencies