SeaDeep - AI Enabled Environmental Sensing

SeaDeep is AI-enabled environmental sensing platform that specializes in enhanced imaging: hyper-spectral, data analysis, and 3D visualization of the ocean. SeaDeep is committed to ensuring that underwater vision can provide the data required for efficient cost-effective, and sustainable ocean research and development.


  • SeaDeep provides the data required to solve complex ocean sensing problems.
  • With our proprietary processing algorithms, SeaDeep is developing high resolution ocean models in near real-time.
  • SeaDeep can differentiate objects and identify specific hazards: bathymetry and marine life.
  • Characterize hard to characterize data: biofouling, invasive organisms, coal bleaching, in near real-time.

Main Features

  • SeaDeep’s technology can capture extremely high detail: color and spatial accurate environmental data and models
  • Dynamic Modeling Tools to Characterize Sites.
  • Detailed: Color Accurate 3D Models of Marine Life.
  • Dynamic Modeling Tools to Characterize Sites Detailed: Color Accurate 3D Models of Marine Life Enhanced Imaging: Hyper-spectral Sensing
  • Automated Characterization of Marine Data.

Primary Audience

  • Environmental Agencies
  • Oceanographers