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AxelGlobe is the Earth observation infrastructure for a new era. It will have the ability to image the whole civilized world with a resolution of 2.5 m—enough to distinguish cars—every day. Its advantage is not just in the always-fresh information it will provide, but also in the collection of its past data. Comparing older images and studying their evolution can lead to invaluable insights.


  • Use satellite imagery to understand the now, but also to bring clarity to the future by comparing old and new images

Main Features

  • Agriculture: analysis of satellite imagery means accurate forecasts of best harvest times, management of fertilizer and water distribution.
  • Forestry: Satellite images can be used for detection of illegal logging and the identification of vegetation types.
  • Infrastructure Monitoring: Pipelines, oceanic platforms, megasolar plants and all kinds large-scale infrastructures can benefit

Primary Audience

  • Farmers
  • Foresters
  • Land Management
  • Geographers
  • Environmentalists