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There are a variety of reasons why bees are dying in droves all around the world, chief among them are climate change, pesticides, diseases, pests, etc. The honeybee species is at risk of going extinct. Our solution is a newly designed beehive that includes precision robotics, computer vision and AI. With computer vision we constantly monitor the bees, and AI identifies their needs in real-time.


  • Climate and Humidity Control: Beehomes control the elements within the hive. Never worry about it being too hot or too cold for your bees.
  • Pest Control: Beehomes don't let Varroa overstay their welcome. Constantly monitor pests within the hive and apply pesticides where needed.
  • Automated harvesting: Beehomes detect frames that are ready to be harvested, and harvests them within the Beehome.
  • Real-time problem alerts: Beehomes keep a close eye on the upkeep of your hives and autonomously handle any immediate issues.

Main Features

  • The self contained, solar powered BeeHome is placed in the field, populated with your bees.
  • We are saving the bees through technology.
  • We are improving yields through automation.
  • We are improving pollination through healthier hives.

Primary Audience

  • Agriculture Industry
  • Commercial Beekeepers