SilviaTerra - Precision Forestry for Measurable Climate Solutions

Empowering every landowner and every acre to be part of the climate solution. Connecting sustainability teams to forest carbon credits with unprecedented transparency, scale, and impact.


  • Landowners: Monetize the standing carbon stocks of your forest
  • Businesses: Offset your carbon footprint with carbon credits from US forests
  • HIGH QUALITY CREDITS: NCAPX creates a verified, present-day increase in forest carbon across the landscape.
  • SCALABLE: Every acre of forest can participate in NCAPX, keeping supply high and prices low.
  • LOCAL IMPACT: Buy carbon from landowners in the states you choose.

Main Features

  • NCAPX carbon credits quantifiably benefit the climate, biodiversity, and rural communities in places important to you and your customers.
  • Basemap, our high-resolution map of every forested acre in the US, brings transparency and accountability to forest carbon credits.
  • We lay out a simple framework for evaluating forest carbon projects: Real, Immediate, Scalable, Efficient (RISE).

Primary Audience

  • Forest/Landowners
  • Organizations looking to offset their carbon footprint
  • Government Agencies
  • Environmental Agencies