Polycarbin - Science Made Sustainable

Each year, the life science industry disposes of billions of pounds of scientific plastic waste. Nearly 100% of these single-use plastics are burned/buried underground. Polycarbin is closing the loop on the scientific plastic life-cycle through reverse logistics. Our proprietary waste analytics software helps transform the plastic waste streams of today into the sustainable products of tomorrow.


  • The Carbin™ helps you make the most of your recycling practice. Two slots. Intuitive cues. One-click pickup.
  • With our proprietary sorting technology, Polycarbin transforms laboratory plastic waste into sustainable laboratory products.
  • Polycarbin’s waste analytics platform measures every pound of scientific waste to help you better manage your carbon footprint.
  • Polycarbin links waste disposal with inventory management to sell green lab products directly to its customers.

Main Features

  • CONVERSION: Our sorting system converts lab waste back into lab products
  • DIVERSION: Front-end segregation of laboratory plastic is simple, intuitive, and customizable.
  • DATA: Our waste analytics software simplifies compliance and optimizes our circular supply chain

Primary Audience

  • Research and Science Labs
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Government Agencies
  • Environmental Agencies