Watershed is a software platform for running a world-class climate program. Start reducing your carbon footprint in weeks, not years. Companies use Watershed's software tools to measure their carbon footprint, produce a plan for reductions, and analyze how everyday business decisions will impact results.


  • Benchmark your emissions against your industry, identify top emissions categories and vendors, and concentrate your reduction efforts.
  • Watershed shows you how much you’ll need to reduce to achieve your targets and how much it would cost to remove any remaining carbon.
  • Easily export data, charts, and reports to share with investors and customers.
  • Watershed uses the latest climate science and a broad database of emission factors to calculate your footprint quickly and accurately.

Main Features

  • Accelerate the fight against climate change with tools and infrastructure that help organizations deploy low-carbon initiatives, faster.

Primary Audience

  • Private and public businesses looking to reduce emissions
  • Government Agencies
  • Educational Institutions
  • Climate Change Activists