CyberGrants - Maximize Your Giving-to-Impact Ratio

With CyberGrants proven workflow engine and community of passionate innovators powering your corporate social responsibility efforts, you’ll respond more quickly to new and emerging needs. CyberGrants is how the world’s most respected, generous


  • Our platform puts resources into the hands of NPOs faster & gives you tools to gain unsurpassed efficiencies for funding causes you support.
  • Act quickly when sudden, unexpected and worthy causes for your corporate philanthropy emerge.
  • Launch new corporate social responsibility programs quickly and automate processes, steps and approvals.
  • Create efficiencies for you and the NPOs you support to cut overhead and free more of your money to go to the causes that you champion.

Main Features

  • CyberGrants allows you to unite philanthropic efforts within a unique giving ecosystem.
  • Maximize the impact of your donations while strategically aligning your philanthropy efforts with your corporate mission.
  • Employee Volunteering: Offer flexible, innovative programs for giving back
  • Employee Giving: Maximize your impact through employee engagement
  • Grants Management: Experience a seamless grantmaking process

Primary Audience

  • Grantmakers
  • Nonprofits and Foundations
  • Any Company Looking to Maximize their Giving