Uncommon - Awakening Generosity and Encouraging Charitable Giving

We're Uncommon, the generosity company. A financial services company founded to awaken generosity and help increase charitable giving. By sharing new ways to give time, talent, treasure, testimony and thanks, we can help you do more good.


  • We take the work out of finding new ways to help a cause you care about and make it easy for you to give to more nonprofits.
  • Connect with employees, support philanthropic causes they care about and strengthen your brand in the community.

Main Features

  • Uncommon is a for profit business focused on a triple bottom line – economic, social and spiritual return on investment.
  • Access proposed investment portfolios with risk-based, cause-based and faith-based options.
  • An online platform connecting people and nonprofits to do good, differently.

Primary Audience

  • Organizations looking to further investment impact
  • Nonprofits
  • Philanthropists