Yenko - Improve Retention by Helping Students Keep Financial Aid

By Yenko
Today's college students are juggling school, work and family while commuting to college and depend on financial aid to afford college. Their most scarce resources are time and money and yet, in trying to balance school and work, financial aid eligibility can be put at risk. Yenko supports students by helping them keep their fingers on the pulse of what's important, helping them graduate.


  • Increase enrollment through targeted interventions that help students keep financial aid.
  • Ensure students stay on track with all Financial Aid sources.

Main Features

  • Give students a roadmap that highlights aid eligibility requirements, indicates aid at risk and delivers recommendations.
  • Scenario analysis tools enable students to estimate impact of course grades and registration changes on financial aid.
  • Support advising & enrollment management with proprietary data identifying students at risk of drop out, suggesting interventions to help.

Primary Audience

  • Colleges and Universities
  • Finance Industry
  • Students