ChangeMachine - Builds Financial Security for Low-Income Communities

Change Machine’s social enterprise and financial coaching platform is a scalable solution for social service organizations and public agencies to embed effective financial coaching practices into their work with individuals and contribute to lasting economic change.


  • Identify opportunities for collaboration and understanding financial wellbeing within your work force.
  • Access well-designed products and resources to help make lasting economic change for your employees.
  • Build community among users to foster learning and new relationships.
  • Work together to shrink the gender and racial wealth gap.

Main Features

  • We build financial security for low-income communities through people-powered technology.
  • Our products and partnerships amplify impact of social service organizations and agencies, generating insights to shape lasting change.
  • Our data shapes lasting change that addresses economic effects of slavery and patriarchal policies removes barriers to financial security.

Primary Audience

  • Human Resource Industry
  • Organizations looking to provide employees with financial education
  • Finance Industry