FairFrame - Enhanced thinking about diversity and inclusion

FairFrame is an innovative technology platform that combines decades of social science research with AI in an easy-to-use text analysis platform to give real-time, personalized feedback on potential stereotype and unconscious bias, as well as new data insights and a suite of diversity analytics.


  • FairFrame provides real-time analysis of your text, checking for indicators of possible stereotype or unconscious bias.
  • With its private freeform text workspace, FairFrame provides insights and suggestions for how to make writing more inclusive.
  • Recruiters can check job descriptions for gender balance in language, pronoun use and other factors to help reach a wider talent pool.
  • New analytics dashboards help to track and measure progress by reviewing aggregate performance against key insights and benchmarks.

Main Features

  • FairFrame is the only Diversity Technology platform that highlights unconscious bias in written communication across the employee lifecycle.
  • Utilizing the latest in natural language and diversity data to come up with robust recommendations
  • Decades of knowledge and insights from our PhD-level researchers surface expert level insights into the diversity content of your writing.

Primary Audience

  • Organizations striving for Inclusion
  • Nonprofits
  • Government Agencies