FinPay - Maximizing The Patient Financial Experience

FinPay is an industry-leading patient financial management platform that re-establishes trust in the patient-provider relationship and bolsters revenue for our healthcare partners. Automating patient engagement to deliver the cost transparency, education and affordable payment options patients need to understand and afford their financial responsibility.


  • FinPay’s platform integrates with your existing revenue cycle management software.
  • Creates an optimized, data-driven approach to patient financial management for you, while building better relationships with your patients.
  • Make patient financial responsibility digestible and affordable to the patient.

Main Features

  • The FinPay technology platform is everything you need for patient financial management and reporting.
  • Promotes pre-care engagement: Financial Education, cost transparency and affordable payment options.
  • Our payment specialists take the burden of financial literacy away from your staff, educating patients about financial responsibility.

Primary Audience

  • Healthcare Industry
  • Insurance Industry
  • Anyone struggling to pay medical bills