Solution Provider


Honest Jobs Brings Fair Employment to People with Criminal Backgrounds

Honest Jobs is a national job marketplace for people who have been affected by the criminal justice system. We help people with criminal records find employment fast! And we help employers (nearly 400 companies in our first year) by offering technology that makes it easy to offer fair-chance employment while staying compliant with EEOC guidelines.


  • Our mission is to reduce the time from incarceration to making a livable wage for all
  • We help people with criminal records find employment fast
  • Employers who tap into this demographic enjoy more loyal employees, tax credits, and more
  • Our service makes it easier than ever for Probation Officers to help their clients find employment quickly

Main Features

  • Over 100,000 fair-chance job openings nationwide and we're growing rapidly
  • Our proprietary "PassCheck" technology makes it possible and practical for every employer to offer fair-chance employment
  • Reentry professionals can remotely verify employment and track job seeking efforts

Primary Audience

  • Employers and companies
  • Job seekers and nonprofits supporting employment search
  • Probation officers and reentry organizations