JoinEight - Supercharge Recruitment with Data to Eliminate Bias

JoinEight is built on a powerful AI engine and the belief that finding the right person for the right position is of absolute importance, no matter the stage or the size of your company. People are the most important resource of a business and it is only by finding our true tribe that we can hope to thrive on the competitive global market of our times.


  • Reduced Cost Per Hire - Our optimized funnel cuts out the waste while regularly delivering qualified candidates.
  • Our algorithm keeps learning and refreshing to bring you the most accurate results at any time.
  • JoinEight’s platform can step in for recurring yet crucial recruitment tasks, giving you more time to strategize around company goals.
  • Get a constant supply of best-matching candidates for every job posting campaign and at any time.
  • With unconscious biases out of the picture, the algorithm matches diverse candidates’ skills with the job specifications.

Main Features

  • JoinEight is a platform designed for recruiters that lets you start building for an open position in less than 5 minutes.
  • We use an AI-driven and data-centric approach to gather and synchronize data and learn from sourcing behavior.
  • We then use this data to optimize and deliver better engagement between the hiring team and candidates.

Primary Audience

  • Nonprofits and Startups
  • Organizations looking to become more inclusive
  • Human Resource Industry