MetricsTrac - Monitor, Manage and Reduce Resource Use in your Company

Demonstrate the value of sustainability by connecting it to your bottom line. MetricsTrac, an ADEC Innovation, helps you monitor, manage and reduce resource use and costs. Ideal for organizations grappling with data dispersed across facilities, locations and teams - we help identify, aggregate and standardize data by removing the complexity and time typically involved.


  • Leverage industry expertise for a customized software solution and program management
  • Achieve an auditability trail
  • Eliminate the costs of maintaining a sustainability IT infrastructure
  • Uncover hidden, wasted resources

Main Features

  • Collect scattered data from all divisions
  • Use existing CDP, GRESB, DJSI, GRI or CSR reports and data as the baseline for this year’s filing
  • Load existing databases directly into MetricsTrac
  • Create tasks and accountability for hundreds of employees across multiple locations
  • Consolidate inconsistent data formats and fields into a uniform set

Primary Audience

  • Organizations with data dispersed throughout the company