Coord - Curb management for fast-changing cities

By Coord
Coord is an online platform that helps cities manage their curbs so that they can reduce congestion, improve safety and drive new revenue - through curb inventory, pricing, allocation, & management. Coord now supports over 17,000 miles of curbs in 15 cities across North America.


  • Flexible (scalably adapt to changing conditions & modes for improved adoption of new initiatives)
  • Transparent (easy to collect, analyze, & communicate curb data)
  • Productive (Serve more people & price public space equitably to balance availability and usage)
  • Manage parking, ride-hail access, freight and deliveries, parking meter pricing, community engagement and more

Main Features

  • Maximize curb productivity
  • Manage change with constituents
  • Explore relationships between datasets
  • Quantify and visualize impacts
  • Measure impact of pilots

Primary Audience

  • Transportation consultants
  • Cities & local governments
  • Transportation companies