Aible - Solving Business Problems with AI

By Aible
End-to-end automation that takes you from raw data to AI powered recommendations within your enterprise applications - in hours. Using existing people, skills, and systems Aible will help you deliver impact in one month.


  • We’ll work with you on your specific use case and get you to measurable impact in one month
  • Integrates with existing enterprise systems to bring AI powered optimized recommendations to applications your end users leverage every day.
  • It enables everyone across the organization to contribute with their existing skills and insights to AI projects.
  • Payback Guaranteed: Impact in One Month

Main Features

  • Aible creates AI that delivers measurable business impact in a way that is simple, fast, and secure.
  • Makes actionable recommendations that will help you achieve your business goals, while considering your unique business constraints.
  • Focuses on Impact from the Start - Understands your business objectives by asking business users simple questions.

Primary Audience

  • Businesses and Enterprises Looking to Scale their Impact
  • Sales Industry
  • Marketing Industry
  • Government Agencies
  • Nonprofits