Leena AI - Transform Your Employee Experience with AI

From employee helpdesk to employee engagement, process automation to employee insights, redefine every aspect of employee experience. Leverage all the touchpoints across the employee lifecycle to deliver the best experience.


  • Leena AI acts as a personal assistant for all your employees -It resolves your employee queries and requests without any prior context.
  • Leena AI speaks multiple languages and gives a personalized experience to your diverse workforce across the globe.
  • With the Leena AI platform, you get real-time insights about helpdesk usability and employee engagement.

Main Features

  • Automate employee workflows and query resolution with conversational AI.
  • Streamline employee case management with a simple dashboard.
  • Leena AI employee experience platform is powerful, flexible, and meets the needs of any enterprise.

Primary Audience

  • Human Resource Management Industry
  • Any Organization Looking to Improve Employee Engagement